Uncontested Divorce

Most people think an uncontested divorce is the easiest and that you don’t need a lawyer. This would be wrong. If you are getting a divorce, chances are you are emotionally strung out, over-stressed, and/or depressed. Typically, you just want it to be over with and done and you’re willing to make concessions to get it completed even though this may not be in your best interests. The final results of a divorce cause lifelong consequences and, if you didn’t plan accordingly, detrimental concerns on the rest of your life. Having someone there to help you understand all the intricate details and how this could impact your future is imperative to avoid compensating for it later.

Things that need to be decided on when filing for divorce:

  • Who will be keeping what debt?
  • Who will get primary custody of the kids if you have them?
  • Who will be paying for the children’s education, clothes, school supplies, etc.?
  • Who keeps the house and vehicles?
  • Will I have to pay child support?
  • Will I have to pay alimony?
  • Who’s paying for health insurance?
  • We have a joint will, how do we separate it?
  • What if my ex gets married again, will they be able to adopt my kids?
  • Can I change my beneficiaries?
  • And many more…

Once the divorce is final, it’s set as permanent in the government records and, for the most part, cannot be changed. Having guidance through this process is indispensable if you don’t want to regret possible mistakes made when you’re at your lowest. A good attorney can mean all the difference between living your life and struggling to survive.

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