All criminal charges carry the potential of serious, life changing consequences. Regardless of how small the charge, the penalties can be strong, up to and including possible jail time. We want to help you save your future by providing the best criminal law defense that only a firm with a retired police sergeant can offer.

When facing criminal charges, you need a criminal attorney that not only understands the laws and justice system but also the duties of those involved in its prosecution. Having a retired police sergeant, we are familiar with not only the jobs of the police in your case and what they are allowed both to and not to do, but also with those of the prosecutors as well. In a time when police ethics have come under fire, knowing their boundaries and where they may have stepped across them is invaluable. Police sergeants are intimately familiar with the breakdown points of where those boundaries lie and are the ones that reign in those errant officers that cross them. we can use this knowledge as a tool to help you understand not only what the police and prosecutors have done, but also what they will do and how best to defend you in your specific case in plain terms.

At the McClenney Law Group, we want to help you understand every option in your case so you can make an informed decision on the path of your future. Knowing all the facts available to you can make or break your defense. We will work closely with you to help you succeed where others may fail since they lack the knowledge and resources that makes us unique.

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