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Under the Virginia family law, the issues involving child visitation, support, and custody are very diverse, complicated and always changing. In general, such issues will come up when one of the spouses decides to file for divorce for various reasons. A divorce can have a very negative impact on the relationship of the parents, but also on the child. In fact, the original suits affect the child custody enforcement suits, the custody modification suits, the paternity suits and the relationship between the parents and their child.

Anyone that’s currently involved in a divorce process should know that it’s in their best interest and that of their child to hire an experienced divorce attorney who can advise them on how to move forward with the divorce in a way that is the least damaging for everyone involved. The lawyer you should hire needs to be a very experienced Virginia child custody attorney who is very well versed in the area of family law.

For solid legal representation, McClenney Law Group are ready to help you go through this difficult and complex process by giving you great advice and coming up with an effective strategy on what to do next. We’re very experienced in all kinds of family law issues, including every type of issue related to child custody. We have a deep understanding of the law and know exactly how to make the most of it to help our customers.

Lawyer Tammy McClenney has a great deal of experience coming up with excellent solutions in the area of child custody, and visitation on behalf of his clients, while at the same time taking decisions that serve and protect the child’s best interests.

At McClenney Law Group in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Tammy McClenney will work hard in order to come up with effective custody dispute solutions in the form of shared physical custody, sole custody, and joint custody on behalf of her clients and their children. With our experience in the area of Virginia family law, we know exactly what type of approach to consider in order to protect our clients’ child custody rights in court.

Our plans focus on protecting the visitation rights of both mothers and fathers and we always work very closely with the Virginia courts and our customers in order to come up with solutions they’re comfortable with. In cases where a mutually agreeable solution cannot be reached, Tammy McClenney, has the aggressiveness, the knowledge, and also the experience required to effectively represent her clients in any potentially contested court proceedings.

We’re very proud to serve our clients in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, & Suffolk, Virginia, including the nearby communities and counties.


Better yet, we also represent clients that come from various backgrounds, including military service members. If you need help with any issues having to do with child visitation, child support or custody, then don’t hesitate to give us a call at 757.425.2300 or get in touch with us online to benefit from a consultation.

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