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In the state of Virginia, the law allows either spouse to seek spousal maintenance or alimony following a divorce, but only under certain circumstances which are generally limited. When it comes to determining eligibility for alimony, a wide range of factors need to be take into consideration. Some examples include whether there is a history of family violence within the marriage, the employability or disability of a spouse which may or may not limit in any way her or his ability to work, and the amount of time the couple has been married for.

According to the law, the maintenance awards aren’t offered that easily and there are also many other requirements that need to be met before they can be provided. Some examples include time limitations, medical disability standards, and also income requirements. In general, it’s not possible to order alimony unless certain conditions are met. For one, the couple needs to have been married for a certain amount of time. Secondly, the spouse seeking maintenance needs to also lack the required assets after the divorce that allows her/him to provide for the spouse’s minimum needs. Thirdly, the spouse that seeks maintenance needs to also have a low enough income that doesn’t allow him or her to provide for the minimum needs of the other spouse.

Here at McClenney Law Group, we’ve advised and helped clients when it comes to post divorce alimony.

Since we have the experience when it comes to family law, we are very experienced in every area of divorce, such as alimony, but also the requirements of spousal support and the rules governing it, and spousal maintenance. After getting in touch with us, we’ll do our best in order to offer you an accurate evaluation of your case and then advise you on how you can prevent alimony when it’s unwarranted or how you can obtain it when it is. We’ll do our best in order to make sure your rights are protected at every step of the way.

McClenney Law Group represented clients and helped them get the right resolution for their specific case. We want to reassure you that those who decide to work with us will have our full attention and benefit from excellent legal representation in court so that their financial interests are effectively protected. We are very happy to serve the residents of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, & Suffolk, Virginia and those in the surrounding areas.


If you think that you are entitled to receiving post divorce spousal maintenance and support or if someone is seeking spousal maintenance from you, then be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible in order to get advice on what you can do to protect your legal rights.

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